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Dog Bite Injury Attorney in Coral Springs

Injuries from Dog Bites & Animal Attacks

According to the Center for Disease Control, statistics show that an estimated 4.7 million dog bites happened in the U.S. over the course of one year. Approximately 799,700 of those bitten needed medical attention and 6,000 required hospitalization.

Some of the most common types of injuries in dog attacks are injuries to the legs and feet or to the head and neck area. These can lead to puncture wounds, lacerations, contusions and fractures. In severe attacks, an avulsion injury or amputation can be the final consequence. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), most attacks occur on children, especially those from 5 to 9 years old. If your child has been bitten by a dog, we want to know about it and want to use our 70 years of combined experience in the field of personal injury law to work on your behalf.

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An attack from a dog is a type of personal injury claim that we take seriously in our firm. Here at Weinstein & Scharf, P.A., we have seen that the injuries caused by dog bites can be severe both physically and emotionally. Dog owners should be responsible for the actions of their pets and can be held legally liable, in certain cases, when their negligence is the cause of an injury. A Coral Springs injury lawyer from our offices can review your case to see what compensation you may be owed for the results of a dog bite.

Understanding Florida Dog Bite Law

The state of Florida is a statutory strict liability state, and this means that a dog bite victim can recover damages for negligence and several other reasons. Dog owners in Florida have a strict liability for a bite that causes injury to a human being while that individual is on or in a public place, or lawfully on or in a private place. This liability is present regardless of the former viciousness of the dog and regardless of whether the owner of the dog had knowledge of such viciousness.

There are a few exceptions to this strict liability, however. If there is any negligence on the part of the person bitten that is a proximate cause of the biting incident, it will reduce the liability of the dog owner by a certain percentage. If the owner displays a sign that includes the words "Bad Dog" in a prominent place on his or her property, he or she will not be held liable for injuries unless the victim is under the age of 6 or unless the damages are caused by a negligent act of the owner.

The term "negligence" in Florida law means the lack of ordinary care, essentially the absence of the kind of care that a reasonable person would exercise in similar circumstances. Unfortunately, proving negligence in a dog bite case can be tricky and that is why it is important to enlist the help of a legal professional who has handled these types of cases before. Dog bite cases involving children are especially tricky, and parents may sometimes be comparatively liable if they fail to supervise their child.

Compensation for Dog Bite Injuries

Here at Weinstein & Scharf, P.A., we believe that you should be compensated for any medical bills related to the dog bite. In addition, if you have suffered a loss of wages as you have not been able to work, we want you to be compensated for this as well. In other cases, compensation can be sought for mental suffering brought about by a dog attack. Coral Springs injury attorneys Weinstein and Scharf believe in personalized care and service for each person that walks through our doors. No matter how many cases we have been able to successfully resolve down through the years, yours is unique and important to us.

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