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Accidents on a construction site, job-related car or truck collisions and slip and fall or burn injuries happen frequently in the workplace. At times, a defective product will result in an employee being injured and needing to take time away from work. In the harshest of circumstances, a work-related injury can lead to a wrongful death. If any of these or other personal injury accidents has taken place while you were on the job, you need to know your rights and the benefits that the workers' compensation system is supposed to pay.

While most employees know that their employer is required to carry workers' compensation insurance coverage, many are not intimately familiar with how to file a claim, what to do if their claim is denied and what benefits they can obtain through the system. Workers' compensation is designed to help an employee by covering medical costs related to their injury and to assist in recovering lost wages. The experienced attorneys from our firm, Weinstein & Scharf, P.A. know and have successfully used the workers compensation laws for many years to ensure that employees receive their full benefits. You will improve your prospects of obtaining proper compensation in a timely manner by utilizing the services of an effective personal injury lawyer from our offices.

Filing a Workers' Comp Claim in Florida

Looking for an attorney for a Workers’ Compensation case in Coral Springs? Many claims for workers compensation are initially denied. We know what the law requires in order to submit a first claim that can be approved. In addition, if a claim is denied we understand when and how to successfully file an appeal on your behalf. Our goal remains constant, to provide high-quality and personalized legal care toward getting the compensation you need.

Insurance companies are armed with attorneys who seek to pay as little as possible to claimants. Fortunately, we know the law and what insurance companies will do to try to deny your benefits. There is information that you need to have on workers' compensation benefits; such as do you pay income tax on the compensation, how much will you get paid per the law, what kind of medical treatment are you allowed to have and many more.

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