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About Slip & Fall Accidents and Injuries

Searching for a lawyer for a slip and fall case in Coral Springs? A slip and fall accident can occur anywhere and in some cases, it is due to another's neglect. Some causes of these types of accidents are failure to put up wet floor signs, having obstructed walkways, worn or uneven stairs, insufficient lighting of a property, dangerous workplace or neglect from a health care provider working at a nursing home. It does not matter where your accident took place, a Coral Springs personal injury lawyer from our firm should be consulted with if someone else's neglect caused your accident.

Injuries from slip and fall accidents can range from minor to catastrophic. Hand, wrist and shoulder injuries are a common result of trying to prevent a fall. Spinal cord injuries can also occur which can lead to multiple doctor visits and in some cases, long term medical treatment. Loss of wages is a typical result of this type of personal injury based on the fact that a victim will have to take time off work to recover fully. An attorney that is knowledgeable in how to successfully resolve personal injury matters may be able to see to it that you are fairly compensated for your suffering.

Help Filing a Slip and Fall Injury Claim in Florida

There is no need to ignore a slip and fall accident. Property owners, employees and caregivers have a responsibility to see to the reasonable safety of others. When they are negligent in their duties and this causes an accident, they must be held accountable, not only to rights the wrongs done to you, but to ensure that this type of neglect does not cause another person an injury. We, Weinstein & Scharf, P.A., have many years of experience assisting those with their personal injury concerns. Our Coral Springs law firm is available to help you too, so call today and schedule your free case evaluation.

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