Lane-Sharing / Lane Splitting Accidents

Coral Springs Motorcycle Accidents: Lane-Sharing

Accidents Caused by Lane Splitting in Florida

Lane-sharing, or lane splitting, as it is also commonly called, is not allowed in Florida and the law expressly states that as a motorcyclist, you are entitled to full use of the lane. Unfortunately, when this right is violated by drivers, you are at risk of serious injury or even death. The chances of a collision are greatly increased due to the closer proximity of vehicles. You may suddenly have to move across your lane to avoid gravel or a pothole and if a car moves into your lane at the same time, the results can be catastrophic. Even without a direct impact with another vehicle, the buffeted wind caused by a car moving in too closely can cause you to lose control of your motorcycle.

It is vital you have qualified legal counsel actively defending your rights and fighting for the compensation you need. Sadly, there is some bias against motorcyclist which can work against your claim, the idea being that motorcyclists are hazardous on the roads. This is obviously an unfair generality but one which your legal representation must take into account and know how to counteract.

In some cases, the at-fault driver may claim the accident was your fault or that you were the one guilty of lane-splitting, whether within one lane or by riding between two lanes of traffic. The legal team at Weinstein & Scharf, P.A. will investigate your case and gather evidence to demonstrate the liability of the other party and from there, fight for the compensation you deserve.

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