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Have you suffered a serious burn injury?

Burn injuries commonly take a long time to heal and are quite painful. They may require a long stay in the hospital and additional medical procedures in order to repair the skin and other affected body parts. Meanwhile, hospital bills mount and the burn victim is out of work, unable to support themselves or their families. If you have been burned through the negligence of another, please contact our office quickly. A skilled Coral Springs personal injury lawyer from our firm will be happy to meet with you and explain the legal process to obtain full and fair compensation for the consequences of your injury.

Need an attorney for a burn injury case in Coral Springs? Car, truck or motorcycle accidents are all common causes of burn injuries. Sometimes, a defective product can result in a severe burn. The accumulation of bills, plus the prospect of future medical costs, can add more pressure into an already difficult situation. Our attorneys at Weinstein & Scharf, P.A.have worked for decades helping personal injury victims to recover the compensation they need. Through our personalized dedication to each client, you can concentrate on getting well while we fight the legal battle on your behalf.

Filing a Lawsuit in Coral Springs, Florida

The amount of compensation a burn victim can receive will depend, in good part, on the type of burn received and the repercussions of the injury. First degree burns affect only the upper layer of the skin and require relatively little medical attention. A burn in the second degree is very painful as it affects the upper two layers of skin and can cause blistering. The most severe burn in one in the third degree and it penetrates all layers of the skin. Body parts and internal organs can be affected and additional medical care and treatment will be needed. Looking for an attorney for a burn injury case in Coral Springs, FL? With any burn victim, our purpose is to search out and find who caused your injury and how this occurred. Armed with this information, we then strive to obtain the most favorable outcome possible in your case.

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