Single Vehicle Accident

Single Vehicle Accidents in Coral Springs

Can I get compensation after a single vehicle accident?

In many cases it is possible to receive financial compensation to help you recover from a car accident, even if there was no other driver involved. If your accident was a result of a defect in the vehicle, also known as automobile product liability, you may be able to press a suit against the manufacturer of your car. Examples of product liability leading to a single vehicle car accident include blowouts caused by defective tires or rollovers resulting from vehicle instability. If it can be proven that your accident was caused by faulty equipment installed by the car company, or that your injuries in an accident were made worse by such a defect, a Coral Springs car accident attorney may be able to make the manufacturer pay you damages.

Whether or not product liability is involved in your single vehicle accident, it should be possible to get a claim from your insurance company. You may be offered a check that covers only minimal expenses but you don't have to settle for a small payment. Getting experienced legal representation can make the difference between receiving an insignificant settlement or being paid enough to cover all your expenses, from medical and repair bills , to covering lost wages during recovery.

Need an attorney for a single-vehicle accident in Coral Springs?

At Weinstein & Scharf, P.A., we bring over 65 years of combined experience to any case we take on. If you have been injured in a single vehicle accident , you have suffered enough without having to worry about paying all the bills involved. We want to help you and your family get through this experience swiftly and easily so you can return to enjoying life in Florida. We meet directly with our clients and will help you gather documentation on your case that will bring weight to your claim. You should come to our law firm for a free consultation before meeting with any insurance adjusters so that we may help you avoid saying or doing anything that will weaken your claim.

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