Rollover Accident

Rollover Car Accidents in Florida

Rollovers are some of those most serious types of car accidents, and when they occur they often result in severe injury or death. While some rollovers may be caused by the force of a T-bone collision, a large number of these accidents involve vans, trucks or SUVs that are susceptible to rollover as a result of their design. Built to provide lots of cargo space and carry many passengers, these autos have a higher center of gravity and as a result any maneuvers at high speed, such as evasive turning to avoid a car accident, will tend to lead to a rollover. SUVs and other 4-wheel drive vehicles are particularly prone to tipping over due to the fact that they run on higher suspensions to provide higher ground clearance.

Looking for an attorney for a rollover accident in Coral Springs?

An accident lawyer can review the evidence with you to determine if you have a case against the manufacturer of your vehicle or perhaps against another driver who caused your rollover accident. Weinstein & Scharf, P.A. will help you pursue damages to cover your expenses for medical bills as well as compensate you for your suffering.

As injuries from rollover accidents can be severe, it is important to have someone you can trust representing your interests. With over over 65 years of combined experience, our firm provides personal attention and individual care to each of our clients. We seek to recover the compensation you will need in order to get your life back to normal. Whether we pursue an insurance claim against a negligent driver or seek litigation against a manufacturer due to an auto product liability claim, you can count on us to work tirelessly on your behalf.

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